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Action, agency, actionable: the semantics of innovation

José Manuel Leceta, chairman of IFI Advisory Board, writes on innovation in the Spanish newspaper, CincoDías.   “… When I prefaced the book of my friend Ángel Alba ‘Minimum Viable Manual of Innovation’ (Innolandia), I pointed out my particular definition of innovation as knowledge in action. But my interest in philosophy leads me to wonder […]


Fractal Innovation

The Chairman of IFI Advisory Board, José Manuel Leceta connects in his latest book the innovation with the fractals that are mathematical objects present in nature. Halfway between art and science, they describe complexity with simplicity, knowing the underlying pattern that is reproduced at different levels. Related ContentJosé Manuel Leceta, ChairIFI in the IND+I 2020 […]


Towards smart circular economy; the role of digitalisation

The Digital Development and Society Forum of the Spain Digital Foundation supported by the Insight Foresight Institute (IFI) has prepared a dossier in Spanish entitled “Towards the Intelligent Circular Economy; the role of digitization” tries to contribute ideas proposing to take advantage of the potential of digitization to change the model of the current linear […]

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Towards the smart and circular economy

CEO of Insight Foresight Institute, Totti Könnölä, writes in the Telos Magazine on the role of digitalization in circular economy. Digitalization can significantly reduce emission levels and the polluting impact of human activity on the environment. The economic model that society has lived up to now is the linear one that follows the sequence: extract […]